DIY Coffee and Tea Bar

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I’ve wanted to create a self serve coffee and tea bar for awhile now, and I finally had the time to put it all together! This diy coffee and tea bar is perfect for everyday use or for small parties and get togethers.

All you need to do is grab a coffee cart (or small cabinet), your coffee and tea machines, and all of your favorite coffee and tea accessories!

While coffee bars are quite popular, tea bars are not as popular. As a huge tea fan, I decided to make a coffee and tea bar. While my husband and I enjoy an occasional cup of coffee, we are much more likely to make tea drinks!

We thought making a coffee and tea bar would be the perfect way to please both coffee and tea connoisseurs.

diy coffee and tea bar close up shot
What items did you use for your coffee and tea bar?

I kind of went all out on this coffee and tea bar (thanks, Amazon). But seriously, I did find so many items for my coffee and tea bar on Amazon! Some of the other items I already had on hand. I’ll share the links to everything I used below!

Coffee Accessories

Tea Accessories

Other Items

diy coffee and tea bar angled shot

If you’re inspired to create your own coffee and/or tea bar, I highly encourage you to do it! It’s been so nice to have a fully functional coffee and tea bar all set up for our own use and for our guests. Creating your own coffee and tea bar is such a fun way to be creative and see what you can come up with!

Not into coffee? Check out my DIY popcorn bar. It’s perfect for your next movie night!

Happy creating!

xoxo, Ruthanne

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