Foodtography School Review

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What is Foodtography School?

Foodtography School is a business and resource center (or school, if you will) created by Sarah Crawford, owner of Broma Bakery. Sarah is a successful food photographer, blogger, and influencer who works with major brands and Fortune 500 level companies, promoting their products through recipe creation and photography.

Sarah created Foodtography School as a way to educate aspiring food bloggers, photographers, and influencers. There are multiple courses offered on the site, from the title course “Foodtography School” to a membership group called “The Growth Collective.” It’s a school, it’s a community, and it could just be what you need to jumpstart your career!

What courses does Foodtography School offer?

Foodtography School

Foodtography School is Sarah’s flagship course. This course covers the fundamentals of food photography and photography in general. As you go through it, you will learn how to compose and light your subject properly, find your unique style through the editing process, and market yourself and your work through social media and other avenues.

The course also includes a ton of free resources like a Photographer Pricing Guide, LightRoom Basics Mini-Course, Brand Pitch Guide, and more!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Foodtography School course, check out my full-length review of it.

Advanced Foodtography School

In this course, Sarah goes much more in-depth into techniques specific to food photography. Learn advanced staging techniques and how to style your food based on attributes like flavor and category.

You’ll also take a deeper dive into the concept of light and editing theory. Additionally, Advanced Foodtography School will give you a greater knowledge of how to run a successful business as a food blogger or photographer.


It’s the perfect course for learning how to run a legitimate business as a social influencer. The Influence course provides a structure for thinking about the influence you have and how to harness it to have an impact on your followers.

The focus of the course is to teach you how to think about your social accounts like a business owner as you learn how to brand yourself, develop a content strategy, work with brands, and more.

If you’re considering starting a business on social media or investing more time into an account you have already created, this is the course for you!

I also wrote a separate review post just on Influence, so check that out if you’re interested in knowing even more about it!

iFoodtography School

The ultimate smartphone photography course! In this course, Sarah takes her photography principles from Foodtography School and teaches you how to apply and adjust them for shooting on a smartphone.

The course also has a section on shooting with your smartphone in restaurants. And as with most of Sarah’s courses, iFoodtography School comes with bonus content.

Restaurant Foodtography School

This course was designed for food bloggers and photographers who have made (or are planning to make) restaurant photography a primary part of their work. Restaurant Foodtography School covers the fundamentals, as well as specifics for good composition within a restaurant.

You’ll also learn how to collaborate with restaurants to enhance their brand through your photography or even take it to the next level by managing their social media.

The Growth Collective

The newest addition to Sarah’s lineup is The Growth Collective. According to the Foodtography School website, The Growth Collective is a “membership with exclusive coaching, content, and community to take the guesswork out of your online business strategy…”

So although it is not technically a course, The Growth Collective is a more affordable way to glean from Sarah’s wealth of knowledge as well as connect with and learn from other professionals in the food blog and influencer space.

What Else Does Foodtography School Offer?

My Thoughts on Foodtography School

If you can’t already tell, I am a huge fan of Foodtography School. Sarah’s courses and resources have helped me level up my food blogging, photography, and videography, and, more importantly, turn my passion into a career!

If you’re at all interested in growing your social followings or leveling up your food photography and videography skills, I highly recommend you check out Foodtography School.

Oh, and btw — you can get 15% OFF any of the Foodtography School courses by using the code thebigleybasics at checkout!

Want to learn more about my two favorite courses?

I have two favorite courses in the Foodtography School lineup – Influence and Foodtography School. Influence is the perfect course for anyone looking to to monetize their social followings (or grow their social followings!) and turn their passions into a career. Foodtography School is great for aspiring food blogger and photographers, as it is mainly a food photography course! Read my individual reviews of both courses via the links below!

Questions about these courses?

If you have questions about any of these courses or need help figuring out if they’re the right fit for you, feel free to DM me on Instagram or send me a message via my Contact page!

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